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I would love to be shipped to Switzerland! by ultraspace


  1. Posted by 1fpdclca4jhlisr, — Reply

    I love how people act like you can’t rewatch a movie once the decade is over. I own this movie...it’s 2019. Plenty of kids have watched it and hated her.

  2. Posted by livapplezz, — Reply

    Stop flexing your ages, I'm 14 and I've seen this movie upwards of 20 times. It's not like the movie was sent into the void when the decade switched.

  3. Posted by jessicaostrzeniec, — Reply

    I love that Elaine retweeted it or whatever you call it

  4. Posted by litt3r_b0x, — Reply

    I’m 14. I’ve watched this movie. I love it.

  5. Posted by ak907_kate, — Reply

    I was born in 2007 and I LOVE this movie!

  6. Posted by catelincat, — Reply

    I grew up with these movies!!! I was born in 2000!!! My favorite movie as a kid was a tie between Shall We Dance and Top Hat! And I loved this movie too!

  7. Posted by kkfuoco1, — Reply

    I love that movie I’ve been watching it since I was five yes old

  8. Posted by sheilahendryx, — Reply

    Yes! I love that movie!!

  9. Posted by astrofies, — Reply

    Lmao I’m 12 and have seen this movie plenty of times.

  10. Posted by green_beanz420, — Reply

    we must make #onlykidstodaywillunderstand so them old ppl can stop flexing their ages lol

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